Butternut soup

Chili and lime soup

Smoked chicken and melon salad

Deep fried whole onion with sweet chili sauce

Kudu Carpaccio with fresh asparagus and Hollandaise

Main Courses

Bobotie, rice and sambals

Readers Stuffed chicken breast

Fillet with blue cheese sauce

Fillet steak and aubergine gateaux

Lightly smoked trout with pickled ginger butter

Tuna Steak with wasabi butter and rocket

Pork chops with grapes and camembert

Pork Fillet with apples and blue cheese

Rack of lamb with lime and lavender jelly

Lamb Strudel with sun dried tomato chutney

Venison pie with chips and salad

Wildebeest with gooseberry and amarula sauce

Mini Quiche and salad


Trio of Home made Ice cream

Frozen chocolate Mousse

Cape Brandy Pudding

Cheese Platter